BEST way to save?? Consider stockpiling! (NOT HOARDING!)

I thought I’d share from personal experience the benefits of a stockpile.  What is a stockpile?  This is when an item, let’s say canned green beans goes on sale as BOGO, plus you have $1/4 coupons. (Yes, this just happened recently) So instead of buying 4 or 8 for the week which may be normal for you, you gather coupons through multiple papers, online, or a clipping service and then purchase 16 or 32 cans! Now you are “stocked up” or stockpiled for awhile.  Now you do not have to buy green beans when they are not on sale.  If you do this with many items that you usually regularly, ie. pasta, sauces, mac n cheese, soups, etc. then you will develop a stockpile!

This will allow you to have a wonderful week and a half like I just did. The cost of my groceries last week? Around $7 = 1 gallon of milk, hot dog buns, and bananas.  For me, last week’s sales weren’t that great AND I didn’t need anything because of my stockpile!

If you’d like more information on how to get started or just need some general help, please feel free to email me at or write on my Facebook page.  I also offer COUPON CLASSES so you AND your friends can benefit from the information and assistance I provide.  Would love to hear from you!

2011-10-01 Publix spent 16.60 saved 47.96 2012-05-15

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