Is couponing really worth it?

So many people ask me, “is couponing really worth it?”

General comments go something like this:
1. You’re so organized, I could never do that
2. It takes too much time
3. Yeah, but I have to go buy the paper and that takes money too

My responses:
1. Yes, I am an extremely organized person and you do not have to go to the extent I do. It’s just in my personality to be super organized or I don’t function as well. I have a friend who uses shoeboxes!
2. It always comes down to time doesn’t it. You either have a few hours a week to devote to couponing or you have the money and don’t need to save.  Of course, I get those that say I dont have money or time. You’d be amazed how much you can do while sitting on your butt in front of the TV! And a couple of hours a week…. not per day! 😉
3. You can have just the Sunday paper delivered to your doorstep every week cheaper than you can walk or get in your car to go buy it at the local gas station or wherever you buy it. I spend less than $1/week for the paper and I certainly get more than $1 worth of coupons!

Have you made it to the end of this blog? Fantastic! That means you are still interested in how this all works.  Let me tell you that I just got home from shopping.  I would have spent $208.92 retail.  I chose to spend 30 minutes yesterday to look through the sales flyer to see if there is anything on sale that I will “need” in the next few months. YES! Then I organized the coupons that I had to go with the sales or other items I was buying. Lastly I went online to a coupon database to see if there were coupons for any of the items that I didn’t already have coupons for. BINGO! My $208.92 retail amount cost me $88.21!! $57.12 in coupons and $63.59 in sales. I spent about an hour clipping coupons earlier in the week. (I buy 4 papers so it wouldnt take you as long for one paper) Then later I filed them. My time this week? Approximately 2 hours. $57.12 worth of coupons for 2 hours. How many of you make $28.56 an hour?

Hmmmmm is couponing worth it? My opinion…. Absolutely!!

I’d love to show you how. I do couponing classes for clubs, business, and you and your friends. Click on the couponing link at the top of my page, then coupon classes for details.

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