Target deal on Febreze – ends Sat. 7/6!!

I just got back from Target where I discovered a better deal than what I headed out for.

Now through Saturday 7/6 – Febreze 9.7 oz Air Effects, 1 ct Set & Refresh, or Car Vent clip are $2.99 ea. PLUS when you buy five you get a $5.00 Target Gift Card.

I set out with four coupons for $1.00 off each air effect, and one coupon for a free stick and refresh wyb an air effect.  This deal should have cost me $5.95…. which is a GREAT deal!  But because the ‘wyb’ coupon gave me $3.99 off the price of a product on sale for $2.99, I only paid $4.95!  HOWEVER, had I realized that other coupon would have given me more off, I would have used four of those and only one of the $1.00 coupon.  I then would have still only spent $4.95 BUT I would have received 3 more of the stick and refresh for FREE!!

Bottom line? If you’re headed to Target by tomorrow, then take advantage of this GREAT FREE DEAL!!  $1.00 off and wyb coupons are both from the RP 6/23 Insert.  I have three of the WYB coupons left if anyone wants to stop by and pick them up. 🙂

5 Air Effect sprays x $2.99           =  $14.95
4 Stick & Refresh x $2.99             =  $11.96
Minus $5.00 Gift Card                   = -$5.00
Minus one $1.00 coupon             =  -$1.00
Minus four $3.99 wyb coupons  = -$15.96
                                                            $4.95!! FOR ALL NINE PRODUCTS!


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