Frugal Tips

Yes, we should even be frugal with our time. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say, “Oh, you’re so organized. I could never do that. I just don’t have the time”.

Well this is how I save time at the grocery store.  My grocery list (see pic below) is organized so that when I enter the store there is no backtracking and wasting valuable time.  I have my list set up by aisle. I start at the right and work my way to the end, then go down the back section where the dairy and meat items are.  I do, however, skip aisles 10-12 and hit them up last on my way to the check out since those aisles are all frozen products.

Also notice on my list that I show whether it is a bogo, and whether I have a store and a mfg coupon to go with it. Tar = Target coupon.  So now when I pick up the item, I know whether to look for the coupon or not.  When I am doing a short trip to the store, I will already pull the coupons I plan to use.  On bigger trips like the one I have listed it becomes a disorganized mess for me.  But each of us needs to do what works best for us. 😉  The other reason I don’t ‘pre’pull coupons before a trip is that if they are out of the item or don’t have as many as I have coupons for then I just have to refile them anyways.  This tends to happen to me a lot.

Have a question for me? I’d love to assist you in getting organized!  What to host a Coupon Class? It’s simple!  Click the COUPON CLASS link for details, e-mail, message me on Facebook. I’d love to share with you and your friends or organization!

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