12 Steps to Savings

Anyone can save! It’s easier than you think!  Here’s your 12 Step Plan!

  • Be open to trying new brands! Manufacturers will issue higher value coupons with new products in hopes of getting you “hooked”.
  • Be organized! It is crucial to keep your coupons organized to make your shopping trip smoother and less stressful.
  • Stock up! When an item goes on sale that you use, stock up so you do not have to pay full price when you need it next time.
  • Humble beginnings! Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to be a “super saver”.
  • Know the coupon policies! Each store is different. Stores that take other “competitor” coupons usually abide by the competitor’s policy … not their own.
  • Bigger isn’t always better! Ounce per ounce it may be a better deal, but not when a coupon is applied!
  • Know your prices! Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s the best deal. Know what the lowest your store goes and how often.
  • Save on fresh fruit & veggies? Yes, you can! Eat what is in season! They always have the best price when they are in season or around certain holidays. (www.driscolls.com for fruit coupons)
  • Make a list! An organized trip goes much smoother than and unorganized one. Plan your meals around the sales.
  • Don’t leave home without them! Your coupons… that is! You never know when there could be an unadvertised special, so don’t just bring what goes with your list!
  • Don’t forget about rain checks! If the product you wanted is sold out, get a rain check!
  • Use your coupons properly! If it says “one deal per customer”, then only use one deal in that transaction.

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