Coupons and Stockpiling

  • Buy at least two newspapers (remember that there are no coupon inserts on holiday weeks). You can usually use two coupons when an item is BOGO so always buy in an even number.
  • If it’s FREE after coupons…. BUY IT! Donate it if you don’t use the product. (Don’t forget that you will still have to pay sales tax in FL)
  • Buy if it’s “cheap”. Your goal should be at least 50% of retail OR cheaper than the generic brand.
  • Make sure you have room!! You might be able to get 20 bags of frozen veggies at a great price, but if you don’t have the space it doesn’t make sense!
  • Stay within your stockpiling budget. If your weekly grocery budget is $100, then begin with allotting $10 to stockpiling that week and $90 to the regular budget.
  • Remember: most items will sale cycle every 4-6 weeks. Other items only 2 or 3 times a year! Don’t stockpile more than you need before it will go on sale again or before it expires.

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