GM Cereals – Publix sale 1/14/16-1/20/16

GM Raisin Nut Bran

This Publix sale (1/14/16 – 1/20/16) includes:

Wheaties 15.6 oz, Total 16 oz, Raisin Nut Bran 17.1 oz, Fiber One 11.75-17.25 oz, or Basic 4 16 oz, assorted varieties, 2/$5.00

There are actually LOTS of coupons to choose from depending on the cereal you want. I will do my best to list all the possibilities.

  $1.00/1 (Fiber One)

$1.00/3 SS 12/6 (this one expires on the 16th so you’ll have to use it at the beginning of the sale)
$1.00/3 SS 1/10

My deal is with the $.75 Q so FINAL COST = $1.75 per box

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